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Are you a self-motivated, tech-savvy professional looking to solve real-world problems for large companies that power society? Send us your resume!

01. Passionate salespersons

Are you a resourceful professional with a desire to promote valuable software solutions to the companies that need them? We’re always searching for sales representatives to help promote WorkAxle.


Are you motivated by business development, growth and strategy? Does searching for and developing meaningful partnerships interest you? We’re always looking for the next addition to our growing team of business development analysts.

03. SOFTWARE Savants

Are you passionate about programming and/or software design? Are you driven by technical challenges?  We’re always on the lookout for top software engineering and computer science talent.


We’re growing at a healthy rate and we’re focused on delivering stellar solutions to our clients.

What matters most to us is delivering excellence in performance, quality and service to our clients. We are a client-driven and client-sustained business.

We will never oversell a solution or dump unrealistic deliverables or targets on team members, since we believe this leads to poor outcomes for both staff and clients in the long-term.

We are not funded by VCs and do not operate in unsustainable ways. If this resonates with you, feel free to submit your resume via the live chat below.

We believe that education and autonomy are the key to employees flourishing in the workplace. We think this type of environment motivates our teams, increases workplace trust, happiness, engagement, creativity, and productivity. We understand that since results come from people, it only makes sense to take care of the person; results are a product, not the cause, of a company’s success. In addition, we believe that people can only perform at their best once their needs are being met. Therefore, most of our culture-defining characteristics as company are intended to help our employees reach their full potential.

Company Culture

At WorkAxle, we are greatly inspired by the ROWE (i.e. results-only-work-environment) philosophy. We believe that, in contrast to a traditional business model whereby employees are paid for their time worked (i.e. scheduled hours), employees should be compensated for the results they bring. We believe this model is conducive to the flourishing of employees, both personally and professionally; it enhances motivation, increases workplace trust, happiness, engagement, creativity, and productivity.

Under this model, employee autonomy, accountability and self-motivation are insisted upon:


We believe that freedom is the key to flourishing in the workplace; employees should maintain a significant measure of control over their work.


Although employee autonomy extends to many aspects of the job, it must be limited when it comes to setting and defining results (i.e. what task(s) the company needs completing) and performance standards. These are determined by a council of peers (including the affected employee); in all cases, employees are given clear and measurable goals, as well as performance criteria. All staff are held accountable to these results and performance standards by themselves and by their peers.


Highly autonomous work carries with it the responsibility to motivate oneself. Without motivation, nothing can be accomplished. At WorkAxle, we expect  employees to be able to motivate themselves.

Mark Methot (left), Mat Diab (middle), Chris Defour (right)
Co-founders at WorkAxle Inc.

Although we are driven by results, we recognize that results come from people; thus, the individual should be the focal point of any workplace. Since results are a by-product of employee effort, it only makes sense to take care of the individuals producing them. Therefore, the focus is put first and foremost on the individual; results will never be sought after if they’re coming at the professional and/or personal detriment of employees.In addition, we believe that people can only perform once their needs are being met. Therefore, most of our culture-defining characteristics are intended to help our employees meet these needs. Employees are an investment, not a cost to be minimized.


WorkAxle Perks


Work from home or come into the office. We care about results, not where you are sitting when you are working.


Depending on role, we offer flexibility in terms of part-time or full-time work.


We provide all of our new hires an introduction in modern marketing so that they feel empowered to help out.


We teach all of our new hires the basics of selling. We believe every member should understand how to sell a solution, as well as respond to client needs. 


Every team member goes through a 9-week period of entrepreneurial learning to ensure an autonomous work culture.


We believe our engineering and business development teams should be strongly synergistic. To achieve this, everyone receives basic technical training.

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