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Prototype, test and deploy with us

Build your solution from concept to scale with all the necessary tools and help from WorkAxle experts. Our team of experienced engineers and workforce consultants will guide you through the end-to-end build, test, and deployment process.

Define & Build

During this phase we will work with you to verify your project hypothesis and test your solution with a small group of users. We will provide you with all the necessary software and recommended hardware.


Validate your project idea


Select the right infrastructure for your project (including custom hardware & software )


Build working prototype with our engineers

Pilot & Test

Once the proof of concept is ready we will help you test your refined idea on real world users to see how the solution is performing in practice. We will help you run a pilot in a few locations.


Perform initial WorkAxle onboarding with pilot test users.


Test not only the experience, but also the deployment operations and UX.


Design the overall architecture of your system workforce system will all necessary rules and functionality.

Deploy & Scale

Once the solution is ready we will help you scale it to all your locations. You will use our enterprise workforce management tools to deploy and maintain the infrastructure across all your facilities.


Develop a deployment plan & tools for the full roll-out schedule.


Onboard WorkAxle in all your locations.


Manage your WorkAxle ecosystem with our APIs & cloud infrastructure.

Contact us to discuss your deployment

Tell us more about your project so that we can select the right package for you.


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