Step Into The Era Of Modern Management

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The Story of Two Employees 5:37

Learn why it’s important to implement meritocracy into your workforce management style. Reduce burnout and turnover by your best employees.

Centralization vs. Decentralization 10:22

Learn when it’s important to centralize a core business process and when to decentralize a core process in a dynamic workforce environment.

3 Things Hurting Most Businesses 9:25

Learn what 3 problems larger companies run into before they earn their unicorn status and how to model their management principles.

The Big Lie, Being Too Busy 1:22

Learn why being “too busy” isn’t an excuse for avoiding to make improvements to your workforce management processes and principles.

Good Culture vs. Bad Culture 3:51

Learn the real difference between the benefits of having a good company culture and the negative effects of having a bad one.

Why Communication is Everything 3:09

Learn why our clients have all come to value clean and segmented communication channels across their organization and why it’s so important.

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