How to Automate Employee Labor, Payroll and Union Rules with WorkAxle

Finally, a more automated solution for companies to manage their labor rules and stay compliant

Great for handling: Labor Rules / Payroll Rules / Compliance Rules / Unionization Rules

Give your managers the nail and hammer they need to thrive now and in a tech-powered future.

The WorkAxle platform was conceived by world-class cloud technology veterans with over 50 years of enterprise development experience. Nothing currently on the market compares to WorkAxle’s modern ecosystem in terms of scalability and flexibility.

Make important scheduling decisions based on raw live operations data, not assumptions.

Today’s maverick manager isn’t letting their ego or pride get in the way of making smart decisions. They make informed objective decisions based on raw data and key KPI metrics. WorkAxle is all about empowering you to be a maverick.

Lead with the latest technology and leave competitors behind through dedication to innovation.

While your competitors pinch pennies and worry about cutting costs in the wrong places, you have an opportunity to go light-years ahead by biting the bullet now. Join the workforce management revolution with a modern cloud-based solution.

Built-in Transparency Measures

We can code any measures you have in mind into the system very easily.

Daily/Weekly Hour Limits

Whatever your work hour rules are for your workforce, they can easily be configured inside your account for your custom needs.


The ROI is felt in the first month of use.

  • 4-6% reduction in labor costs
  • 87% reduction in absenteeism
  • 99% increase in compliance automation
  • 937% scheduling operations productivity gains
  • 100% centralization of employee communication
  • 100% improvement in employee sentiment and labor cost analysis/oversight capabilities.

Best part of all, these ROIs are experienced by clients of all shapes and sizes (ex: single location businesses with lots of employees vs. multiple location businesses with few employees at each location).



Change Logs and Permanent Records

Finally, a single source of truth for your business! No more lost vital information about your workforce!

Customizable Compliance Tailored to Any Business

Whether it’s for 150 employees or 10,000 employees, the platform can be wrapped around any business case to modernize your scheduling process and automate boring and repetitive compliance tasks..

Automate pay rules and scheduling rules

Think you business is too complex? We hear that all the time and so we really aren’t worried about that. This our area of expertise.

And automate your collective bargaining agreement and focus on your core business

Show us your requirements and we’ll handle the rest!


The more complex the project is, the more confident we are that we’re the ideal provider

Meeting the technical requirements of even the toughest business cases is something our team thrives on. Since day one, our core business model has been to be leaders in the enterprise workforce management space when it comes to helping businesses with large teams spread across multiple locations. Not only that, all of our internal processes have been designed to streamline the prototyping and development of the most complex business automation requirements. To give you an idea, the WorkAxle stack can easily accommodate 70,000+ users on one single account without skipping a beat. That includes meeting custom client requirements for complex labor rules, payroll rules, compliance rules, and/or unionization rules. Basically, anything is possible with WorkAxle and no problem is too big!

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