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Based on discussions with many supermarket managers and executives, we’ve understood that supermarkets need a software that is capable, complex, efficient, intelligent, flexible and compliant.

Workforce Management Software for Supermarkets


At the very least, any software you use must be able to handle your needs.

WorkAxle covers all of your daily and weekly workforce-related tasks including scheduling employees, communicating with staff, gathering employee availabilities, managing shift change requests (i.e shift trades, shift covers, time-off requests), tracking employee time and attendance, processing payroll information, task management and more.

WorkAxle was also built specifically to handle multi-location and multi-employee supermarkets, so you don’t need to worry if you need to manage more than one location at once.


Many supermarkets are losing thousands of dollars every year due to outdated and inefficient technology. Sadly, many are unconcerned because these losses are often viewed as “the inevitable costs of doing business”. Here’s a reality check: you do NOT need to accept these costs, there IS an alternative.

WorkAxle was built for quality and efficiency. It was created using the most recent technology, and designed to drastically reduce the amount of time and money you spend on administrative tasks every week.

In WorkAxle, all of your managerial tasks are fully or semi-automated; making and updating your schedule, managing employee shift change requests (i.e. time-off requests, shift trade and shift cover requests, etc.), gathering and storing key data points, calculating labor costs, gathering availabilities, creating and validating timecards, processing payroll and others. 


The world is changing every second: changing social, technological and economic trends are felt everywhere and they’re affecting the supermarkets. What happens when your needs eventually change? You need a software that can adapt to your needs, and respond quickly. This is why WorkAxle houses a team of engineers solely dedicated to improving the platform based on your feedback.

In addition, our open API allows for quick and inexpensive integrations with third-party tools if need be.


Supermarkets are notorious for their high staff count. With large staff, you need to be able to coordinate between teams of employees who may be working in different departments and who have different roles.

This is why WorkAxle was designed for schedule creation around teams of employees AND for specific employee segmentation by category. When scheduling, you can filter your employees by location, availability, department, role and tags. Tags are any characteristics you deem relevant; these may include skills, certifications, qualities, spoken languages and others. With WorkAxle, you can ensure the right people are working together at the right times.


Another way WorkAxle helps you cut costs is through intelligent decision-making (i.e. decisions based on data). WorkAxle helps you accomplish this through real-time data tracking, forecasting and automatic suggestion.

Real-Time Data Tracking

WorkAxle allows you to keep track of all the most important business statistics: hours worked (scheduled and actual), labor costs (estimated and actual), sales, budgets, event and weather analytics, and more. No more overtime fees!


WorkAxle allows you to store your past data, so that you can make better decisions about the future. Want to know how many employees you should schedule on the first Tuesday of November? Go look at the data from the same day last year!

Automatic Suggestion

WorkAxle shows you the evolution of your labor costs (targeted vs. estimated) as you schedule your employees, so that you can always be within your desired labor range.


Compliance with labor law and governmental regulations is non-negotiable. Not only is non-compliance considered a serious case of malpractice, it is also potentially extremely costly; just 1 case of non-compliance can ruin a company.

This is why WorkAxle has built-in measures to ensure you remain compliant at all times, and that by doing so, the rights and interests of both you and your employees are respected. 

Overall, WorkAxle was designed to save you time and money while making your and your employees’ lives easier; the time and costs savings range from 70-90%! 

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WorkAxle in action?

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